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Heli-Basket® Human External Load Transport


Precision Lift designs and supplies Heli-Basket® systems, an External Human Load Rescue and Logistical Support Transport System for Light, Medium and Heavy Helicopters. The Heli-Basket® systems attach to the helicopter's airframe cargo hook.

The Electric Long Line Remote Cargo Hook component provides immediate access, point to point capability. The Heli-Basket® is a patented device used for transportation of Human and Non-Human Cargos. The Heli-Basket® has been in use by operators in the US and outside the US for over 15 years.

The Electric Long Line System in both 10K and 30K capacities have been in use by the US military for over 10 years also. These systems allow for improved logistical capabilities for military operations, humanitarian assistance and commercial applications.

Each of these systems are accompanied with a NATO and/or US Army approved Hand Control that will allow the crew chief/loadmaster to release the hook. Length of the systems will vary based on logistical requirements and safety considerations.

You may find more information about the Heli-Basket®, the Electric Long Line, the Remote Hook, and the Heli-Strap by using the links below:



2/17/2006 - WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio  -- Like eggs nestled in a vintage wire egg basket, evacuees huddle against the periphery of the Heli-Basket®, an open-air metal container that hangs beneath a helicopter to ferry disaster victims out of harm's way...................